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Founded in January 2017, Our RealiTeez was introduced to the world by Marcus Charles and Danielle BlaiQ as a mission to bridge the gaps between all social misunderstandings through our t-shirts. The mission for Our RealiTeez is based on the premise that each and every one of us are accountable for the shared reality that we give  to ourselves, to each other, to humanity as a whole, and the generations that follow.
It is Our intent to reach as many like-minded individuals, regardless of race, nationality, creed, or other socially imposed boundaries, that strive for world peace and that aim to change the conversation from hasty generalizations, and prejudices to considerate interactions and equality.
We understand that billions of people walk the Earth and the possibility of our humble team being able to spread this message to the billions of people that live in it will be met with geographic challenges, language and cultural barriers (just to name a few). None the less, we intend to begin this passionate mission of world peace, one heart at a time.
If you are reading this, we humbly ask for your assistance in creating a world that takes steps towards peace, and love through a conscious effort of understanding of our fellow human, being.
It is the only way toward a warmer tomorrow.
-The Founders of Our RealiTeez

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  • Marcus Charles

    Great words Ms. Blaiq! Our mission and meaning is tremendous!! Each day, ask yourself how you made the world better today. You then will begin to execute those thoughts. Bravo!!!

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