The Our RealiTeez $7 Pledge

Good day everyone, My name is Marcus Charles Holmes and I'm the CEO and Co-Founder of Our RealiTeez.  I wish that all are well during these tough tough times as we are all in this together.  The brand is running a sale, our 'Savings of Love' until Black Friday but more important is the Our RealiTeez $7 Pledge.

Our lifestyle apparel brand will be donating $7 from each clothing sale for the rest of the year.  We want to donate a dollar for each continent every time someone buys clothing at

For the the last 7 months of 2020, we will choose a different charity monthly to help out during this fight.  Here at Our RealiTeez we keep our charitable figures discrete.  We solely want to do our part and more importantly inspire others to give.  There are many ways.  If one can't assist financially, one can give their time or simply help a neighbor.  We are all human and now more than ever, we must fight for each other.

Our world has definitely changed but I'm confident it can become better because of our path.  Alot of the new designs speak to this new world.  Dive in, I think the humans will love it!!  Be safe, we're all human!

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